Permanent Installation

SkyScan FIELD-PRO Permanent Installation Lightning Detection and Early Warning System for Schools, Parks, Sports Complexes, Airports and Campuses

Field Pro Manual

Permanent Installation

The Field-Pro is a permanently installed lightning detection and warning system and is the industry leader in providing safety from severe weather in large high noise environments. SkyScan products are used today by the US government, NASA, major airlines, and militaries around the world.

This unit offers both audible and visual alerts, warning users of lightning up to 40 miles away. The 8 x 10 inch LED cluster flashes corresponding colors for certain each distance of the strikes. Twin 125 DB horns provide alerts at each strike in ranges from 20-40, 20-8, 3-8, and 3-0 miles. Our patented dual antenna technology makes the Field-Pro one of the most accurate systems available. Insist on the same technology used by most major airlines, US military, NASA, and professional sports teams.

The Field-Pro's backup battery system assures safety and performance even when power is lost. The housing is shatter proof and weather resistant which is designed for permanent outdoor mounting. The ground level control box is lockable and can be mounted anywhere. The Field Pro' visual alerts can be seen from several hundred feet away and the alarms can be heard over half a mile.

Accurate digital microprocessor with patented dual antenna receiving system

Base Kit Includes:

  • 1 x Light Bank
  • 2 x Horns
  • 2 x Battery Backups
  • 1 for Light Bank
  • 1 for Control Box
Power requirements: Standard 120V-240V

Generally leaves the warehouse in 1-2 weeks due to "build to order."


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